5 Interesting Facts About Cordyceps Mushrooms

5 Interesting Facts About Cordyceps Mushrooms


The cordyceps mushroom is certainly a strange specimen. It has a grasslike and sometimes phallic-like appearance and many unique qualities that make it highly prized. While it has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, cordyceps in NZ has become increasingly popular. This species truly has a lot to offer, and in the article, we’ll be having a look at some cordyceps facts that may surprise you!

Certain Animals Enjoy the High Offered By Cordyceps

Humans are not the only ones who enjoy a bit of a mushroom buzz. There have been reports of yaks becoming very energetic and playful after munching on these mushrooms in the wild. There have not been extensive studies done on this, but it is likely that other animals enjoy a bit of cordyceps too.

A Royal Treat

Harvesting cordyceps is very precarious because of where this specimen typically grows in the wild. It usually involves scaling rocky cliffs just to reach a few specimens. It is also rather scarce. For this reason, the mushroom was very prized in ancient China and Tibet, and it was reserved as a treat only fit for emperors. 

Not a Worm, and Not a Grass

The Chinese name for cordyceps literally means ‘Winter Worm, Summer Grass’. While this is a very vivid and descriptive name for the mushroom, it is neither a worm nor a grass but a unique fungus that actually feeds on a worm! Furthermore, grasslike shoots tend to grow from the head of the mushroom in the summer months, thus giving its name.

Athlete’s Favourite

Many world athletes and even Olympic gold medalists have been known to include cordyceps into their training diet because of the natural energy boost that it offers. It is exceptionally popular among Chinese athletes.

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