Achieve Your Optimum State Of Flow With The Lions Mane Mushroom

Achieve Your Optimum State Of Flow With The Lions Mane Mushroom


The exhilaration that comes with optimal performance encourages an overall feeling of achievement, enjoyment and involvement. In Positive Psychology, what is described as our 'flow state' refers to the subjective state in which a person functions to their fullest capacity with their attention so focused on a task that no distraction can deter their progress.

In this article, we look at what are shown to be the benefits of being able to tap into one’s optimal flow state and how the Lions Mane mushroom helps achieve optimal cognitive and physical performance in daily tasks.

Positive Psychology's Take On The Optimal State Of Flow

The notion was named by psychologists Mihály Cskszentmihályi and Jeanne Nakamurain and is referenced across many schools of thought, particularly in occupational therapy. However, humans have been aware of their optimal state of flow for thousands of years.

Positive psychology recognises the mental state in which a person is entirely immersed in a feeling of energised focus, complete immersion, and enjoyment in the task at hand, as the flow state. The two reached the conclusion after interviewing several successful, self-actualised and high performing individuals, including surgeons, champion chess players, ballet dancers and mountain climbers.

In a 2004 Ted Talk, Cskszentmihályi described it as an intense feeling of focus and ecstasy from a sense of clarity that comes where "you know exactly what you want to do from one moment to the other; you get immediate feedback." 

The Benefits Of Reaching Your Flow State

Better Emotional Regulation: With increased flow comes the emotional growth and skills development needed for regulating emotions effectively.

Sense Of Fulfilment: In your flow state, tasks become more enjoyable, encouraging better performance. With this comes an incredible feeling of achievement and fulfilment. 

Intrinsic Motivation: When tasks become more enjoyable and fulfilling, we become more intrinsically motivated to excel, not only for external reward but also for a personal sense of achievement.

Improved Concentration And Performance: The focus that comes with being in the state of flow conquers any boredom or distraction that will get in the way of completing your task. 

It is like your mind and body are in tune, understanding what needs to be done and doing it effortlessly. This also leads to better overall performance and creativity.

Overwhelming Sense Of Happiness: The sense of joy that comes with being immersed in a deep state of flow is by no means a superficial experience. 

It's the pleasure associated with living completely in the moment. This has a powerful influence on your overall sense of well being.

Skills Development And Mastery: The act of achieving a flow state indicates substantial mastery in specific skills, inspiring a person to pursue greater knowledge and new skill sets.

Supercharge Your Cognition With Lions Mane

On top of its various culinary uses, Lions Mane is becoming increasingly popular for its numerous health and cognitive benefits. The nootropic compounds produced by Lions Mane mushrooms, erinacines and hericenones, aid in the production of nerve growth factor (NGF), improving memory retention and learning ability. 

Hericium has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, stimulating neuronal and protective cell growth and therefore improving mental performance and concentration.

With an active ingredient of psilocybin in Lions Mane, micro-dosing has the potential for neurogenesis and cellular regeneration. This gives it incredible therapeutic benefits, contributing to; not only the treatment of depression but also enhanced creativity. 

Tap Into Your Flow

Given what we know about achieving the optimum flow state, we can see how Lions Mane, as a daily supplement, can contribute towards achieving your true potential. 

Of course, there is a level of discipline, meditation and self-mastery that comes with achieving this state - but the integration of Lions Mane mushroom into your daily life is a perfect step to take.

It is as if nature intended for humans to achieve their optimal levels of performance and fulfilment. To reap the benefits of what nature has to offer and contribute to reaching your ultimate state of flow, which Flow State derives its name. 

Our range of NZ lab-tested powdered extracts and capsule supplements are formulated to boost energy and strengthen your immunity. Supercharge your cognition with our Flow State Lions Mane Mushroom extracts, and sign up to our newsletter for updates on products, recipes and more fascinating information on functional mushrooms.

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