Are Reishi Mushrooms Worth The Hype?

Are Reishi Mushrooms Worth The Hype?


In recent years, reishi mushrooms in NZ have received a lot of positive attention for their range of benefits, with many people even growing reishi mushrooms at home from spores. But reishi mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by herbalists and physicians around the world. 

While most mushrooms are praised for their nutritional and healing benefits, reishi (or linghzi as they are sometimes called) mushrooms are truly being put on a pedestal, and we believe that it is for good reason.

Beautiful But Bitter

While reishi mushrooms could definitely be considered quite beautiful, they don’t score high in the taste department. These mushrooms are typically a warm orange colour and grow in a fan-like shape. Their taste is quite bitter and they are not usually used in cooking, but their nutrients can be enjoyed in powder form.

What Are Some Of The Benefits?

While still a lot more research needs to be done into the benefits that reishi mushrooms have to offer, some of the most commonly known benefits include:

  • Immune support - Many studies portray the links between regular doses of reishi mushrooms and boosted immune systems.
  • Detoxing - Reishi mushrooms have an impressive amount of antioxidants, which are great for detoxing.
  • Mood boosts - Like most other mushrooms, reishi mushrooms are known to boost your mood, reduce stress and anxiety and increase your brain function.
  • Blood sugar balance - The balancing of blood sugar levels is yet another incredible benefit of reishi mushrooms.

Introducing Reishi Mushrooms Into Your Diet

As we have mentioned before, reishi mushrooms aren’t exactly mouth-watering in the taste department, so they are not the type of mushroom you typically throw into a stir fry. If you want to add these reishi mushrooms into your diet, you’ll want to go for a powdered form. You will still want to check if the mushrooms used were organic and if they were harvested from a secure source.


As mushroom enthusiasts, we definitely believe that reishi mushrooms deserve the hype they receive, and we are very excited to see what new studies reveal about them.

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