Ever Wonder How Mushroom Coffee Is Made?

Ever Wonder How Mushroom Coffee Is Made?


Mushroom coffee is the delicate blend of conventional black coffee beans combined with powdered adaptogenic mushroom extracts. Despite the fact that it is made with a fungus, the coffee does not have a typical mushroom flavour or taste like mushroom soup like you might expect. This is because the species featured in mushroom coffee have a more subdued, roasted, earthy flavour compared to portobello or white button mushrooms. 

Although its currently trending, it isn't a new concept by any means. Its origins can be traced back to World War II, when Finnish people began preparing it as a coffee replacement. The war brought with it a worldwide coffee shortage, in which various cultures responded by inventing new and intriguing replacements.

How Are Mushroom Coffee Blends Made

This wartime blend was prepared by soaking chaga mushroom in water overnight and pressing the liquid out. This may be boiled on its own or with chunks of actual coffee, if available, for extra flavour.

Today, mushroom coffee contains extracts from fungi, including adaptogenic mushroom species such as chaga, reishi, lion's mane and cordyceps.

With modern adaptogenic coffee blends, the mushroom fruiting bodies are harvested and smashed into an organic powder devoid of fillers, carriers and other additives.

This powder is subjected to a full "Dual-Extraction" cycle. This procedure is required because mushrooms contain water-soluble compounds known as beta-glucans and alcohol-soluble elements known as triterpenes. The dual extraction procedure ensures the bioavailability of both.

With this dual extraction process, the mushroom blend is dehydrated and ground into a fine powder to be mixed in a 1-to-1 ratio with premium ground coffee beans. This delivers a fantastic flavour profile with an exceptional chemical composition. 

Swapping Out Your Regular Cup Of Joe

Adaptogenic coffee blends are marketed as being less caffeinated than regular coffee. Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant found naturally in certain foods such as coffee, cocoa beans and tea leaves, but it is also synthetically added to other foods and drinks.

Caffeine is more likely to have adverse side effects for pregnant or nursing people, children and people with underlying heart problems ‒ who should all take care to limit their intake. Side effects may differ from person to person, but caffeine sensitivity usually causes feelings of anxiety, restlessness, increased heart and breathing rates, stomach upset and nausea.

A coffee blend featuring lion's mane and chaga mushrooms promise to improve focus, productivity and creativity. Cordyceps blends are designed for those looking for improved performance. Using half the caffeine, the energy-supporting mushroom cordyceps provides a more balanced boost than your average cup of Joe.

Blend Your Own Mushroom Coffee

You could, of course, create your own blend by adding adaptogenic mushroom extracts to your favourite coffee blend. Those sensitive to caffeine can substitute with decaf, chai lattes or hot chocolate. You could even start your day off with a smoothie. 

Our Flow State A.M. BLEND is a perfect addition to your morning coffee. Featuring a combination of TWO of our favourite functional mushrooms:

- LIONS MANE - known for focus, mental clarity and concentration.

- CORDYCEPS - known for energy, endurance and athletic performance.

Our organic mushroom extracts are made from actual mushroom fruiting bodies, not grain-grown mycelium ‒ meaning you can rest assured it will contain the beneficial compounds you're looking for. All of our products are analytically LAB tested in New Zealand to ensure quality and purity. Find out more about our do-it-yourself coffee blends or browse our shop for more amazing extracts, capsules and blends. Find our handy quiz tool on our website to figure out which mushroom coffee blend is perfect for you. 

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