How Do Reishi Mushrooms Help?

How Do Reishi Mushrooms Help?


Reishi mushrooms grow in hot and humid conditions and are found primarily in Africa and Asia. These mushrooms have formed a significant part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years, owing to their beneficial health effects.

Reishi mushrooms cannot be eaten fresh - an extraction process needs to be undertaken in order to pull out the active compounds (hot water extraction pulls out the water soluble constituents, and an alcohol extraction pulls out the water insoluble constituents). After a spray drying process of these liquids, a dual extract powder is created, which you can order on the Flow State online store.

Here are some of the health benefits of reishi mushrooms in NZ that we know of.

Immune Systemย ย 

Reishi mushrooms are most famous for their immune-boosting properties. These mushrooms are thought to interact with white blood cells and alter inflammation pathways to allow these blood cells to operate more efficiently. The improved white blood cell performance leads to better protection against infections and foreign malignant growths such as tumours.

The properties of the reishi mushroom not only help those who are ill to recover more swiftly, but they also help healthy people to remain protected against infection and to limit the severity of any potential infection.

Fatigue And Depression

Aside from the important impact that reishi mushrooms have on the immune system overall, they have also been known to reduce symptoms associated with fatigue and depression.

Reduced fatigue generally leads to an improved quality of life, thus reducing the incidence and severity of depression. Reishi mushrooms can also help reduce incidences of anxiety and help ease the symptoms associated with it.

Heart Health

Reishi mushrooms are also thought to help manage cholesterol levels, resulting in beneficial effects for heart health. Although more research is needed in this regard, there is indication that reishi mushrooms can lower the risk of heart disease.

Blood Sugar

There are some properties of reishi mushrooms that could lead to a reduction in blood sugar levels. Although this is still being researched, and the extent of its effects is not well understood at this stage, the indications so far are promising.


Reishi mushrooms contain antioxidants, which can help protect the health of your cells. This is an important function, which means you should enhance your body's antioxidant status as much as possible to ensure your ongoing health. Reishi mushrooms can help you achieve this.

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