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Mushroom Miso Soup

Why we love this recipe:

  • Miso is rich in essential minerals: vitamin B, E, and K
  • Great for gut health, as fermented miso provides the gut with wonderful bacteria to help the human biome work its magic
  • Tastes amazing with our Flow State
  • Super quick snack or easy meal idea (if you bulk it up with noodles- we love soba noodles!)

(Make a mug for yourself, or double recipe in a pot to serve 2)


1 Tbsp miso paste (we use Urban Hippie in NZ- make sure it’s organic!)

¼ tsp Flow State shrooms

1 spring onion, diced, or a small handful of chives

1 handful of greens, finely diced (kale or silverbeet work wonders)

300ml cooled boiling water (80* will do!)



Grab your favorite mug or bowl. 

Chuck the kettle on. 

Mix Flow State shrooms with miso powder at the bottom of your mug with a spoon.

Chuck in finely diced spring onion and fresh greens. 

Let the water cool for 5-10 minutes, as boiling water kills the active cultures in the miso!

Fill mug with hot water.

Stir, sip, enjoy.

Add a bit of minced garlic and ginger to your mushroom miso soup for ultimate immunity boosting, heart-warming goodness!

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