Mycelial Renaissance

Mycelial Renaissance


Re-emergence of mycelial wisdom

There is a global conversation emerging on the power and potency of medicinal mushrooms for human health and vitality. This conversation comes at an interesting moment in history. Despite major advances in science, nutrition, and technology, we are the most unhealthy we’ve ever been as a species. We’re seeing global crises of cancer, diabetes, high-blood pressure, obesity, mental health issues, and an immense disconnection from purpose, spiritual wellbeing, and interconnectedness with one another and the planet. We are at a crossroads. 

Fungi are being heralded as an answer to many of the biological, social, and political challenges currently facing us. An awakening of the body, mind, and spirit through the use of medicinal mushrooms is emerging around the world. 

Some write off the belief in fungi as merely a trend, the latest health/superfood craze, or a hollow belief in folklore medicine or outdated traditional practices. We believe these doubters and nay-sayers to be far from the truth. 

As in nature, in our bodies. We are nature. 

Medicinal mushrooms work to strengthen the whole body system-the whole being, as their fungal magic supports the bodies innate ability to heal itself. 

The way fungi work in the human body mimics how they operate in nature- life affirming inner relating of all organisms and body systems. Mycelial webs, or networks stretching thousands of km below our feet with every step we take, are life affirming threads of co-existence in the natural world. 

The medicinal mushrooms in our Flow State blend re-enact this mycelial network throughout the body, linking neural pathways and optimizing the performance of the central nervous system, thus having ripple effects on the immune, endocrine, digestive, and circulatory systems. That’s why medicinal mushrooms are preventative, optimizing the body’s innate systems to better respond to exogenous threats, rather than the curative approach taken throughout most of the mainstream medical model. 

In nature, where mushrooms live, the environment thrives. As fungal systems help to store oxygen below the soil, convert decaying organisms to be re-absorbed by the soil, and act as a communication system beneath the surface of the outdoor world. We believe the same for human bodies. When medicinal mushrooms are integrated into diet and lifestyle, humans thrive. 

Intuitive skepticism

There is a LOT of information out there on the health benefits, cultural and traditional uses, and contemporary clinical trials featuring the mushrooms in our blend. Indeed, we have an ocean of information from which to curate for you! For each website claiming health benefits of the mushrooms in our blend, are blog posts questioning these benefits. A criticality of the mass of information we are exposed to is essential. 

We encourage you to do your own research. Apply critical thinking. Go to the source. Read the peer-reviewed study summaries. Speak to your friends who use these mushrooms. Experiment for yourself and mindfully take note of any effects. We live in the information age- and while it’s incredibly important to be informed, it’s also an important time to tune into your own experience-based truth and intuition.

Coming back to Flow state

We strongly believe in the potency and relevance of these medicines. We see and feel a great turning back towards what we have always known, and somehow forgotten. This re-membering of our traditional approaches to supporting the mind, body, and spirit is ushering in a new era of healing on the individual and collective level. 

We are learning to trust the wisdom of our elders, the ancient practices from all corners of the world that have supported wellbeing since time immemorial. We are learning to listen to the planet- to harmonize our bodies with the abundance that she has to offer, rather than relying on big pharma and a medical and food system that is invested in keeping us sick to make money. We are waking up to new, old ways of supporting our own immune and nervous systems to keep the body in vitality. We are integrating these natural medicines into our lives alongside mindfulness practices to slow down, listen, and nurture energetic and spiritual wellbeing as well as physical biological health. We are waking up.

Flow State is part of this movement, this mass awakening towards empowerment for our own health and wellbeing. A knowing that when we thrive, our community thrives. When we are vital, we share that vitality with our neighbors and our loved ones. 

We have produced a blend of medicinal, apoptogenic mushrooms to help you enhance your flow state, whatever that may be for you.

In health and vitality, Rachel and Dave 

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