New tins + four fungi frothers share their take on Flow State

New tins + four fungi frothers share their take on Flow State


It’s a very exciting week in the Flow State community as we have finally launched our new and long awaited AM & PM blend tins! Our OG 4-mushoom blends aren’t far off!

Organic Fruited Body Mushroom

Brand new label design, packaging, and efficient functionality- same high quality, 100% organic fruited body mushroom extracts!

Our favourite features of the new tins?

  • The minimalist & modern design- super clean
  • Functionality- easy to scoop and store, and no powder sticking to the tin!
  • These tins are 100% recyclable! Less waste in landfill J
  • REFILL packs just around the corner!

To celebrate the launch of our newly designed functional blends, we asked YOU, members of our community to share your favourite ritual and/or recipe with our AM/PM/4-mushroom blends.

On the Flow State blog this week, we feature the recipes and rituals of four of our beloved Flow State community members.

Need some inspiration to spice up your morning or evening routine? Read on to hear how your fellow fungi fanatics integrate our Flow State blends into the everyday!

We’re also sharing a bit about these rad humans as we know them all personally and are so inspired by the magic they create in the world! Providing functional mushroom extracts to humans on a mission lights us up! Seeing and hearing how Flow State supports the work and life of people we respect is a huge motivation to do what we do.


Martin Gebhardt

Martin Gebhardt is a functional health and wellness coach and movement facilitator who works with his clients on body alignment, functional movement, and holistic wellbeing. He is trained with the Paul Chek Institute and is a world of knowledge on spinal alignment, functional movement, and all things geared towards an optimal healthy lifestyle!

“Today I want to share a bit about how I use the flow state AM blend to enhance my performance levels prior to a workout or a high focus work session.

I like to mix the AM Blend in hot boiling water and add a bit of organic coconut cream into the mix, adding a bit of cinnamon and vanilla to bring in some nice spices. I am currently cleansing so I didn’t add any sweetener in it but this rounds up the taste for me personally plus in regards for the workout adding a bit of coconut sugar, dates or maple syrup could benefit the performance as well.

As a side note I do like to substitute my lunchtime coffee with an AM Blend to be a bit gentler on my nervous system and to avoid a late afternoon crash. In the evening time I like to relax and unwind with a nice PM Blend tea straight up with hot water.

I recommend flow state to my friends and clients because I am a big believer in the healing aspects of medicinal mushrooms.

IG: @martin_foundationyou

FB: @martingebhardtcoaching


Emma Moore

Emma Moore is a delightful creature and human being who radiates joy and positivity wherever she goes. We first met Emma back in the Vitality Organics days, and she used to sling smoothies with us while we explored our shared love of obscure music and our chilled attitude towards living slowly in the here and now. Emma is a self-described ‘Jane of all trades’- musician creative designer, website and content-creator, and photographer extraordinaire.

“Flow State mushrooms have been a part of my daily routine for over a year now, they enhance my life in so many ways. As someone who has always had a weak immunity, mood swings, and mild anxiety, incorporating medicinal mushrooms into my daily life has helped me heaps. I really notice a difference when I don't take my mushrooms, especially in my mood and energy levels! I incorporate Flow State's AM & PM blends in my daily morning and night time rituals. In the morning, I enjoy a coffee or cacao with the AM blend and it keeps me energized and feeling positive. At night, I make a yum herbal tea with local honey and the PM blend for a chilled out reading session followed by a restful sleep. I also find the Lion's Mane capsules extremely beneficial to me when I have a lot of mahi to do and need that extra focus. The Lion's Mane is so legendary, the band I'm in (Oceanspace) takes it together every time we have a gig and last month while we were recording our album in the studio. It seems to help unify us and bring us all into the same wavelength.”

 IG: @emmajmoore

Band IG: @oceanspace


Billy Lewis

Billy Lewis is a skilled designer, creative, collaborator, and videographer who uses storytelling to share and inspire messages of sustainability for ethical brands. He is incredible behind the camera and also a beautiful sharer of yin yoga and mindfulness practices. Dave and I were so inspired by Billy last time he came up to visit, and his dedication to his morning practice and supplements that help him focus and thrive.

“I love using the Flow State AM & PM blends integrated with my other morning and evening practices. In the morning, I have a jar mixed with the AM blend and Seleno Health Maca for Men which I mix with some water. This is in combination with a few other supplements before I drop into my hatha yoga practice. I’ve definitely noticed the epic benefits of the lions mane & cordyceps on my mental performance throughout the day & am loving having the mushrooms by my side!

In the evening I hit the PM blend with a bit of yin yoga and some journaling to wind down, bonus points for a salt lamp and/or candle to assist the nervous system in settling down. I’m big on sleep & stoked to have the PM blend to soften my mind & body to recover well. I strongly recommend!!”




Jacqui Sive


Jacqui Sive is a wildly inspiring human being. Her coaching is versatile, spiritual, practical, and the ultimate combination of bad-assery Jedi magic. Jacqui shares her wisdom on her podcast (you can find it in Spotify- Self Help for the Soul), her Instagram page (soooo much good value here HONESTLY), and has a beautiful collection of free resources on her website to support you on your journey as an entrepreneur and soul in awakening. She combines energy work, psychotherapy, woo-woo, and mindset coaching. Follow her now to uplevel your life.

“I use Flow State 4 Mushroom mix in my daily caffeine-free elixir, helping me to stay focused, stay calm, and stay fresh throughout the day. My combining it with some of my other favorite superfoods like organic cacao, cacao, and bone broth, I am able to give my body a boost of nutrient dense deliciousness every morning. The best part is - there's no frantic, frenzied anxiety like you get from coffee!

I start with 100ml of organic coconut milk, poured into a blender bowl/jar/container. Then, I add in 300mls of boiling water, 1/2tstp of my Flow State mix, 1-2 heaped teaspoons of organic cacao + maca powder, a teaspoon of organic bone broth, 2tsp of collagen, 1/2tsp of vanilla - and, if I'm feeling a little frisky, I pop in some organic maple syrup too. I whizz it all up with a blender, reheat it on the stove, and BOOM - there's my energy boost for the day. I love using FLOW STATE - the 4 mushroom mix one - because I feel like I get the best of ALL the fungi magic in one go! If you're trying to get off caffeine, give this magical elixir a go. I had my last coffee on April 9th, and I haven't looked back since.”

IG: @jacquisive



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