New Zealand Testing of Flow State Products.

New Zealand Testing of Flow State Products.


We stand proudly behind all of our products here at Flow State. So much so that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

The mushrooms we offer are from certified organic farms, processed at certified organic facilities, tested at all stages for contaminants and heavy metals, and tested here in New Zealand at Hill Laboratories and Massey University to ensure what you are ingesting is free from any nasties. 

The team at Flow State take their health seriously, and we only provide products that we are 100% confident in. 

The purpose of this blog post is to provide you, the reader, with more information on the mushrooms that we provide. No flashy images - just the important documents.

Below is a pesticide residue test (230+ pesticides) and a heavy metal analysis done completed here in New Zealand, a microbiological test done here in New Zealand, Beta-D-Glucan levels completed here in New Zealand. Zinc and selenium have not been included in the test results. Please note that the quantities specified are MG/ per KG.

Pesticide Residue Testing:  (<----click to open as below is blurry) 

Certificate of Analysis

Heavy Metal Analysis for lions mane and mycomplete: (<----click to open as below is blurry)

Heavy Metal Analysis for all tins: (<----click to open as below is blurry)


Microbiological Analysis: (<----click to open as below is blurry)

Turkey Tail: Heavy Metal Analysis , Pesticide Residue Analysis , Microbial Analysis

Beta-D-Glucan Level testing of our lions mane against three of the leading Australian and New Zealand lions mane providers: 

Flow State = 48.6%

Others = <0.1%

(We were very surprised. Notice the 'Technician note: Samples 2-4 have high background sugar levels, indicating a starch based substrate.' - filler?

Beta-D-Glucan Level Testing (<----click to open as below is blurry)

Beta-D-Glucan Level Testing

Beta-D-Glucan Level Testing (<----click to open as below is blurry)

Being transparent with what is in our mushroom extracts is key. We want you to feel confident in what you are ingesting.

If you're not buying from us, sweet as. We highly recommend asking your mushroom extract provider to provide the same analysis documents as we have provided here. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us on

Thank you for your time.

Mush love,

Dave and Rach

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