The Science And Spirituality Behind Reishi

The Science And Spirituality Behind Reishi



Reishi, in New Zealand, finds itself amid a scientific and spiritual revolution. Reishi is a polypore fungus belonging to the genus Ganoderma (Ganoderma lucidum).


Ancient Chinese medical texts depict Reishi as being effective for a wide range of health benefits, including the treatment of cardiovascular disease, liver or kidney disease, and viral infections and its role in controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure.


Today, it is recognised for its use in patient support during chemotherapy. Laboratory research and a small number of preclinical trials have suggested that Reishi carries anticancer and immunomodulatory properties.


Above its physical health benefits, Reishi lends itself to far more poetic descriptions.


The Poetry Behind The Reishi Mushroom


Throughout history, the mushroom has been revered in Asian herbal medicine, dubbed "the supreme protector". It is most commonly known by its Japanese name, Reishi, but also known as lingzhi in Chinese and linh chi in Vietnamese, all of which can be translated to "soul/spirit mushroom" or "supernatural mushroom".


According to Taoist lore, the Reishi mushroom is said to benefit your spirituality more than any other plant or substance. It belongs to a specific family of remedies known as "tonic herbs", which increase energy, health, and mental well-being.


Its renowned reputation has been established through thousands of years of experiential observation, and much of Asian art and literature has chronicled Reishi as a spiritual herb. Chinese folklore maintains that one who takes Reishi can attain immortality. A "bridge between Heaven and Earth," that, when consumed regularly, can "initiate benevolent cycles of health."

The Science Behind The Spirituality


Reishi is not psychoactive and does not alter the perception of reality, yet it improves mental clarity and instils a respectful and reverent outlook. An explanation behind this lies in the modern study of Reishi that reveals its immune-boosting properties.


Polypores fungi possess powerful polysaccharides known as Beta 1-3-6 glucans, which have been shown to activate cytokines ‒ unique enzymes that energise white blood cells. Our white blood cells or macrophages are the body's primary immune defence agents.


When white blood cells are activated, the immune system engages in cellular defence against anti-microbial action. Having strong internal defences makes us feel more secure and safe, which reduces the adrenaline surge caused by anxiety and fear.


With this sense of empowerment, we are more likely to take risks, pursue adventure and set more focused goals. This optimistic outlook will brighten one's light and balance one's state of flow.


This kind of confidence is infectious; the type of personality to light up any room and put a smile on many faces. This type of flow plays a part in aligning us with the path that will lead to us a higher evolution of being, attracting and making us more perceptive to the right opportunities.


Reishi has long been considered a powerful 'Shen tonic' or 'spirit-nourishing plant' by Taoists and monks. Throughout history, the mushroom has demonstrated an ability to relax the nervous system, settle the mind, and produce a peaceful state of concentration. Cherished by spiritual seekers, meditators and those just looking for a way to de-stress from everyday life.


Bringing The Reishi Revolution To New Zealand


Flow State aims to be accessible and affordable to all. Bringing the powerful properties of Reishi to New Zealand from the mushrooms’ spiritual homeland in the Anhui Province of eastern China.


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