How it all began

Vitality Organics

Having started the superfood powerhouse that is Vitality Organics back in 2015, Dave Wylie found that one product gathered more conversation than the rest. That product was the ‘maca mocha with shrooms'.

Made of espresso, raw cacao, gelatinised maca, chaga, cordyceps, reishi, lion’s mane and coconut buttermilk, it had the town of Mount Maunganui buzzing.

It gathered so much attention that it caught the eye of Government officials at the Ministry of Primary Industries, who then proceeded to threaten hefty fines for the use of ‘novel’ ingredients (true story). 

Novel Products

‘Novel’ products are those that haven’t been used extensively here in New Zealand.

These ‘novel’ ingredients included cordyceps, lion’s mane, and an ashwaganda / blue lotus blend we were using in another drink.

We also ruffled a few MPI feathers when we were serving the Hemp 'dog-bowl' - when hemp was only allowed for animal consumption. A delicious smoothie bowl full of coconut butter, banana, cacao, hemp seeds and hemp protein, and layered with an assortment of toppings, it was for dogs only. We thought we were hilarious.

It is a shame to make these adaptogenic, potent mushrooms and herbs that have been used for centuries unavailable to the general public in a ready-to-drink elixir.

Hence the desire to provide a make-it-yourself concoction.

Born was the idea for Flow State, and here we are now. Fine free.

We encourage you to do your own research on these mushrooms. We’ve embraced them.

 (Note for those who think this is a dig: We think MPI does a fantastic job keeping our country safe from invasive species, and it is an important and continuous task to ensure that the taonga of this land is protected. We appreciate this work). 

Passionate Owners

About us

Dave & Rachel

Dave & Rachel

David and Rachel are a beautiful example of polarities harmonised. Together, they embody the masculine/feminine, yin/yang, order/chaos structure of the universe in human form. These two alchemise polarities and synchronise dualities through food, community, creative self-expression, and controversial mind-states of bliss. You can find Rachel enjoying her quiet mornings, teaching yoga and meditation, or pottering in the garden. Dave you'll find with pen to paper, bringing his latest idea into reality, or on the beach or the bush. Both use Flow State on the regular to maintain optimum physical health and cognitive functioning.
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