Not at all. There are extracts, and there are powders. We use 10:1 extracts, meaning 10kg of fruited mushroom body has gone into producing 1kg of extract powder. Cheaper mushroom products are usually 1:1.

Because mushrooms absorb from their environment (soil, air, water), they have the potential to carry high amounts of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. We undergo third party testing on all of our products, here in New Zealand. We recommend asking your mushroom provider for analysis reports on pesticide residue, heavy metals, and a microbiological analysis.

On the subject of testing, you want to know what you're actually getting with the mushroom extracts (not only because you want the health benefits that come found active compounds, but mushroom extracts are expensive!). We test our products at Massey University through a Megazyme kit used to analyse the amount of beta-d-glucans within.

How do we know that mushroom products vary? It took us two years of testing over 50 sources from four different countries. The vast majority weren't up to our high standards. You are what you eat, make sure you know exactly what you're ingesting.
Yes, all Flow State mushroom extracts are certified organic. Our mushrooms are sourced from certified organic farms, and are processed in extraction facilities with organic certification. All our suppliers are certified under the USDA certification program.

All processes along the supply chain including the growing, processing, packaging have strict quality controls, including testing and annual audits. This ensures all products are free from contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, GMOs, chemicals and preservatives. With all our products, we receive a certificate of analysis reflecting these standards.

Once our products touch down on New Zealand shores, we also undergo independent third party analyses through Hill Laboratories and Massey University.

All our mushrooms are grown on farms, often in semi-wild conditions and some products are sustainably wild harvested, like our Siberian Chaga.
Yes we do. We independently undergo pesticide residue, heavy metal and microbiological tests here in New Zealand to ensure that the mushroom extract powders you receive are free from any contaminants.

We are all about transparency, and we are super proud of the quality of our products. Please email us on if you would like to receive the certificates of analysis. They can also be viewed on our blog post "NZ testing of Flow State products".
We highly recommend speaking to your naturopath or doctor to see if there are any contraindications. Due to the lack of studies within western medicine for those taking prescription medicine, we advise to take caution with any dietary supplement, and to always take the safe route.
As every body is different, we recommend speaking to your naturopath or doctor to see if these products are right for you. Due to the lack of studies within western medicine for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers, we advise to take caution with any dietary supplement, and to always take the safe route.
Beta-d-glucan is the most common polysaccharide found in the cell walls of mushrooms.

Beta-d-glucans are commonly regarded as being Biological Response Modifiers (BRMs). BRMs work by supporting the immune system to turn up or turn down. For example, BRMs can stimulate an increased immune response that in turn enables a more effective reaction for fighting off infections. In contrast, they can also turn down an overactive immune response via anti-inflammatory cytokine modulation.

Beta-d-glucans can play an important role in the following:

Gut health
Immune regulation
Blood sugar and cholesterol regulation
Innate immunity
Adaptive immunity

When it comes to incorporating medical mushrooms into your daily regimen, beta-d-glucan should be at the forefront of your mind. And that’s because mounting scientific evidence and research are undeniably in support of this powerful polysaccharide. In fact, there are over 80 positive clinical studies supporting the use of beta-d-glucans. Some researchers are suggesting that its not if but when these compounds will be incorporated into pharmaceuticals
Our Lions Mane extract has a ratio of 10:1. This ratio means that 10 kg of dried fruiting body is used to create 1kg of medicinal extract.

Extraction ratio combined with other quality testing like Beta-D-Glucan testing is useful in determining the products potency.

Our products contain >30% Beta-D-Glucans and are 100% water soluble.
Yes - we do. We do not use any mycelium grown on grain or add any fillers. The starch content for our products is <5%.

We believe that using the whole fruited body of the mushroom offers a far superior product.

Mushroom supplements containing mycelium grown on grain inevitably contain larger quantities of the substrate itself, and therefore less of the benefical fungal compounds.
We recommend taking the recommended amount to begin with, especially if you are new to mushroom or plant extracts. Sink into how these mushrooms feel in your system. Smaller bodies sometimes need less, larger bodies sometimes need more.
We are big advocates for doing exactly this :)
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