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We are completely committed to offering premium mushroom extracts. If for any reason you feel that our products did not live up to your expectations, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

NZ tested for safety and potency

We understand the importance of organic and contaminant free food products. That's why we test each batch of mushrooms for safety and potency here in New Zealand at both Hill Laboratories (heavy metal and microbiological analysis) and Massey University (Megazyme test for beta-d-glucans). Interested to read the results? Click below!

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We're passionate about fungi

Flow State aims to be accessible and affordable to all- believing deeply in our products to enhance your flow state and support your health and vitality- naturally. 

We’ll be sharing recipes to make using Flow State easy for you, as well as fungi-related research, ideas, and innovative applications of fungi that we find interesting!

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Where are the mushrooms grown?

From each mushrooms own spiritual homeland. China and Siberia.

Our chaga is grown in Siberia, reishi is grown in the Anhui Province, lions mane in the Zhejiang Province and cordyceps militaris in the Fujian Province. 

We work with a larger Canadian company based in China that has infrastructure in place to ensure that the extracts we provide are free from heavy metals, contaminates and agricultural chemicals. Quality control methods are implemented, and each batch is tested. These mushrooms are grown in greenhouses with natural lighting and natural air flow – farmed by real people. Not in a lab run by technicians. We test all of our products here in New Zealand for safety and potency.

All of our mushrooms are from certified organic sources (USDA and the European Commission.)

Buying Medicinal Functional Mushrooms in NZ – What You Need to Know

If you are new to buying medicinal mushrooms in NZ, it can be difficult to know where to start. Even cutting through some of the jargon can be challenging, but we are here to help at Flow State. Our goal is to make buying mushroom extracts and similar products as easy as possible, wherever you are in NZ.

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High Quality Mushroom Extract & Powder in New Zealand

Let's start at the beginning. When we talk about medicinal mushrooms, we are not talking about the mushrooms you eat or use in your favourite recipe. Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years because of their nutritional and medicinal properties. There are many different varieties, most of which are rare and are only grown naturally in certain locations around the world.

This brings us to a tip – when buying medicinal mushrooms, make sure you only buy products produced using 100 percent natural mushrooms grown in their natural environments. At Flow State, all the mushroom extract ingredients that we use in our NZ products come from mushrooms that have grown naturally.

All the mushrooms we use are also fully tested to ensure they are free from contaminants. Those tests take place at independent laboratories.

Moving on, what does it mean when you hear the term functional mushrooms in NZ? There is essentially no difference, as functional mushroom is another term for medicinal mushroom.

Buy Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkeytail and Reishi Mushrooms NZ

What about the types of mushrooms that are used as medicinal mushrooms? Lions Mane is one of the best known, but Reishi, CordyCeps, and Turkeytail mushroom powder products are also commonly used in NZ. The Chaga mushroom is another type that is increasingly popular in NZ, whether as a mushroom extract, blend, or to make mushroom coffee.

As for the products you buy, they will typically be made from mushroom extracts and are sold in powder form or as capsules. The mushrooms we use go through a dual extraction process. This means we use two techniques to extract the raw material from mushrooms. We extract this material from the full fruited mushroom body to ensure the best results.

As for how you use the mushroom extract you buy, the options are endless. Whether you make coffee, soup, sweet treats, or consume medicinal mushrooms in capsule form, you'll get maximum goodness when you buy from us at Flow State.

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