We're passionate about fungi

Flow State aims to be accessible and affordable to all- believing deeply in our products to enhance your flow state and support your health and vitality- naturally. 

We’ll be sharing recipes to make using Flow State easy for you, as well as fungi-related research, ideas, and innovative applications of fungi that we find interesting!

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Where are the mushrooms grown?

From each mushrooms own spiritual homeland. China and Siberia.

Our chaga is grown in Siberia, reishi is grown in the Anhui Province, lions mane in the Zhejiang Province and cordyceps militaris in the Fujian Province. 

We work with a larger Canadian company based in China that has infrastructure in place to ensure that the extracts we provide are free from heavy metals, contaminates and agricultural chemicals. Quality control methods are implemented, and each batch is tested. These mushrooms are grown in greenhouses with natural lighting and natural air flow – farmed by real people. Not in a lab run by technicians.

All of our mushrooms are certified organic by the USDA and the European Commission. 

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