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Flow State brings you nootropic and adaptogenic mushrooms. No additives. No fillers. Exactly what you want. Consistently potent, dual extracted mushrooms grown naturally on substrate materials that are native to each particular mushroom.

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Our powdered extracts are easy to add to coffee, tea, smoothies, or any other foods. Click to check out some of our recipes!

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Boost energy, strengthen your immunity, and supercharge your cognition.

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NZ tested for safety and potency

We understand the importance of organic and contaminant free food products. Interested to read the results? Click here!

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Customer Reviews

As a business owner and passionate practitioner of human performance optimisation, Flow State has become a daily addition to my morning coffee to improve my memory and energy. I am particularly interested in Lions Mane, which currently forms the basis of my Masters research due to it's properties in unlocking increased physical and cognitive performance
Luke Taylor

Founder & CEO of Taylored Health & Performance

I have used the Flow State Lion's Mane for over a year for focus during study. I recommend it to all of my clients. I think everyone is looking for that extra edge and assistance, and I believe Lion's Mane is simply one of the most effective products on the market.
David Niethe

Mental Performance Coach (

I love the brain clarity! I absolutely notice the difference. I maintain focus and enthusiasm for the whole day! I stay in the flow!
Wendy @ Pranabar

Love it. I’ve been using it for the past three months, really noticed a difference with focus and concentration.

Verified buyer

Fantastic. I can really feel a huge difference in energy and alertness when I dissolve this in my morning coffee. Will absolutely be buying this again and again.
Adam Kubrocke

Verified buyer

Within the first few days of adding to my morning coffee, I've felt the brain fog lift and a clarity I haven't felt since pre kids. I'm an artist and my beautiful, creative state of flow is next level! I also bought some for my parents too, can't wait to hear how they find it! Will be re-ordering!!
Jasmine Kroeze

Verified buyer

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