• Mycelial Renaissance

    Mycelial Renaissance

    Re-emergence of mycelial wisdom There is a global conversation emerging on the power and potency of medicinal mushrooms for human health and vitality. This conversation comes at an interesting moment in history. Despite major advances in science, nutrition, and technology, we are the most unhealthy we’ve ever been as a species. We’re seeing global crises of cancer, diabetes, high-blood pressure, obesity, mental health issues,...
  • Welcome to the Flow State Blog page!

    Welcome to the Flow State Blog page!

    Kia Ora beautiful people! Welcome to the community blog page for Flow State!  We are currently in the process of re-vamping this space to offer you relevant, accessible, informative, and interesting content to accompany your journey of fungi-based nootropic exploration and learning.  We envision this space as a co-created mycelial network of community feedback. We want to hear from you. Where does your curiosity...
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