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Medicinal Mushrooms In History

Medicinal mushrooms have been regarded for their health and nutritional benefits throughout many civilisations dating back through generations.

New Zealand Testing of Flow State Products.

Tested here in New Zealand at Hill Laboratories and Massey University for pesticide residue, heavy metals, microbials and for active compounds.

The Science And Spirituality Behind Reishi

Revered throughout history and dubbed "spirit/soul mushroom", find out the science behind its spirituality and where to obtain the benefits of Reishi In NZ.

Flow on Effect- Nomination process for 2022

Kia Ora Flow State fam! WOW!  We were blown away with your positive response to last month's announcement of the Flow...

Biohacking - A Holistic Perspective

Biohacking, also known as DIY biology- is the art, science, and practice of changing the environment around you and inside you in order to optimize your own biology. 

The Flow on Effect

Amidst the noise of mass consumption and holiday bargains, we are launching two new initiatives that are near and dear to our hearts- "The Flow on Effect", and an ongoing partnership with Drinkable Rivers. 

Our food principles!

We are whizzing through these long October afternoons, with the promise of hot summer days just around the corner. I...

New Product: Turkey Tail capsules! The low down.

Plenty of you asked for it, and we're stoked to deliver! Introducing to the Flow State family: Turkey Tail mushroom e...

Neurogenesis, psilocybin, and the power to change your mind.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a community of mushroom-lovers, psychedelic dabblers, or bio-hacking enthusiasts, yo...

Beyond the brews – four recipes using our functional Flow State blends

Despite the longstanding popularity of our initial mushroom brew, the maca mocha with shrooms, we feel inspired on th...

Knowing When To Take Mushroom Extracts For Optimum Results

We try to plan our days so that we can get the most out of them. And in the process, we’re constantly concentrating while working, juggling the endless to-do lists, exercising to increase stamina, and then try switching off to sleep for a reset. Unfortunately, this is frequently more difficult than it seems.

Key Benefits The Lion's Mane Mushroom Has To Offer

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Chinese medicine practitioners used fungi as an effective therapy for millennia. In addition to their medicinal properties, mushrooms are prized for their culinary qualities. 
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